Future Books
Dancers, Quitters, and Garden Gnomes
Accidental Billionaire
Accidental Rock Star
Accidental Action Star
The Accidental TV Star
The Accidental Movie Star
Prep School Experiment
The Boarding School Experiment
The Prince with Amnesia
Do Over
The Kissing Deadline

Emily's books are "stand-alone" novels, but many are related.  The relationship and order are below:

     - Accidental Star novels (fun YA  romance): 1) The Accidental Movie Star 2) The Accidental TV Star 3) Accidental Action Star 4) Accidental Rock Star

     - Experiment novels (YA romance): 1) The Boarding School Experiment 2) Prep School Experiment

    - YA Time Travel romance: Whenever

    - YA romance: Do Over; The Kissing Deadline, The Prince with Amnesia

Emily writes adult romance under the pen name Aylee Bay. (Release Date: Summer 2016)